Gustav Daiber GmbH has announced that its managing director Rolf Daiber is to retire after 46 years.

From January 2021, Rolf’s nephew Kai Gminder will take over control of the family-run corporate fashion manufacturer. 

Rolf took over Gustav Daiber from his father, Walter Daiber, in 1974. As managing director, he has taken the company from a trader of textile accessories towards textile decoration and the establishment of its embroidery department. Today, Gustav Daiber is primarily the manufacturer of its own corporate fashion brand James & Nicholson, as well as the caps and accessories brand Myrtle Beach, both distributed in the UK by Fusible Systems.

Since 2012, Kai has been supporting his uncle as managing director of the marketing, sales and purchasing departments. In his new role, Kai intends to continue Gustav Daiber’s work in textile manufacturing and decoration with its partners both in Germany, and in Europe and Asia.

Neil Kippen, managing director of Fusible Systems, UK distributor of the Daiber brands, commented: “Rolf has been a complete inspiration for me — he has a great knowledge and understanding of the textile industry, and has been incredibly supportive over the many years.

“We have shared so many different experiences during the last 38 years, it’s not always been easy, but the launch of the James & Nicholson collection some 10+ years ago is testament to his exceptional qualities as a businessman. The brand now is one of the fastest growing promotional clothing brands in Europe.

“We are delighted that Kai Gminder, who we have also worked with for many years, will take over from Rolf and continue to grow the brand.

“We will of course miss both Rolf and his partner Sigrid Gley, who have also become very good personal friends, and just hope they enjoy a long and happy retirement, they certainly deserve one.”