Industry consultant and Images contributor Marshall Atkinson has published a new book offering small businesses guidance on post-coronavirus recovery.

The book, ‘Moving Past Disaster: Develop Your Business Next Normal’, is designed to “help any business creatively build out new ideas, and focus on creating a working path to success,” explained Marshall.

“I’ve incorporated tried and true creative mental models to help you unlock a new direction for your business. 

“‘Moving Past Disaster’ has tips, checklists, exercises, examples and many creative thought-planning ideas to provoke you into action, and guide you to achieving your goals.

“The pandemic was an event. Events end. It’s time to get working and shaping your new future — use the tools in this book to guide you through the process of developing new ideas that you can use for that journey.”

The workbook pages can help to organise your thoughts, delegate tasks or consider a new perspective, added Marshall.

“When you’re finished reading the book and completing the exercises, you will be able to: snapshot your current problems; develop new ideas; create a new business plan; and deploy a two-year action plan.”

The new book can be purchased via the Atkinson Consulting website at