The Babybugz Pyjama Set comes in three colours
Everyone can be organic with these stylish new garments for all age groups

New stylishly co-ordinating additions to both the Babybugz and Mantis ranges open the bidding for 2023 at Mantis World. Matching items have been launched across the age ranges, continuing the message that ‘Everyone’s Organic’.

Baby & Adult Quarter Zip Sweater and Shorts First up are the Baby and Adult Quarter Zip Sweaters (BZ66 & M197). Brilliantly suited for both the ‘mini me’ and business casual markets, the styles feature the brand’s signature 280gsm brushed fleece, using a combination of organic or in-conversion-to-organic cotton and recycled polyester.

The coordination theme continues with the Baby and Adult Shorts (BZ65 & M07). “The same brushed fleece fabric guarantees next to skin softness as well as sports-friendly durability,” notes Mantis. “The relaxed unisex fit will appeal to all, with side and back pockets, elasticated waistband and an internal drawcord showing plenty of attention to detail – these shorts are designed for sports and leisure.”

The on-trend Women's Cropped Heavy T pairs well with the Adult Shorts, both new for 2023
The on-trend Women’s Cropped Heavy T pairs well with the Adult Shorts, both new for 2023
The new Long Sleeve Unisex T – sibling of the popular Heavy T
The new Long Sleeve Unisex T – sibling of the popular Heavy T

Long Sleeve Unisex T The “super-stylish” Long Sleeve Unisex T (M06) further extends the Essentials range.

Made from a soft yet substantial heavyweight (220gsm) organic cotton with a distinctive rib at the cuffs and neckline, this is the long-sleeve sibling of the Heavy T (M03) that was introduced with such success in 2022.

The four core colours of white, heather grey mélange, navy and black are set to appeal to all markets, notes the brand.

Women’s Cropped Heavy T The “huge popularity” of the heavierweight 220gsm jersey is shown with another new style: the Women’s Cropped Heavy T (M198).

A boxy, on-trend piece, this T-shirt has a loose fit and dropped shoulders, and sits just above the waistband, offering style definition while retaining midriff modesty.

Babybugz The little ones are not forgotten, with Babybugz adding the adorable two-piece Pyjama Set to its collection.

“Coming in beautiful shades of dusty blue, powder pink and heather grey mélange, these pyjamas have plenty of room for growth with the neat addition of fold-back cuffs at the wrists and ankles – they truly can grow as your little one does!”

As always, Mantis World says it remains true to its core founding principles of high-quality, responsibly made garments. QR codes on the wash care labels give instant access to metric data showing the positive impact of choosing to go organic, as well as full details of the supply chain from raw materials to final logistics.

“At a time of rising concerns about greenwashing, this transparent, quantifiable information is hugely reassuring and allows all wearers to cut through the jargon and get straight to the facts,” Mantis World adds.