Mantis World has released its latest lookbooks for 2021.

The first of two new lookbooks showcases the brand’s adultwear, including highlights from its Mantis, One and Superstar collections, whilst the second features its Babybugz range. Both publications contain the newly combined Kids and Mini collections under the Mantis Kids name.

“The lookbooks provide the perfect opportunity for Mantis World to put our image and refreshed branding front and centre — this format is perfect for showing off beautiful product photography, and readers are encouraged to visit the website to find out more,” explained the brand.

“QR codes throughout allow the reader to discover more about the garments by scanning them with their smartphone — they connect through to a white label site that shows the savings in water, emissions, energy and pesticides that have been made from choosing organic over conventional, and also give an insight into the supply chain.

“The hope is that an interactive journey through the manufacturing process, plus an understanding of the positive environmental impact, will help customers connect with the garments beyond the pages of a catalogue.”