Old school punksters ride again  The first inductee to the Primal Screen Band Zone Hall of Fame is Peter Joyce, aka Iffy Voice, of TOTShirts, and his punk combo, Magnificent 7. Peter started pogoing around and shouting tunefully in the mid-seventies before retiring to set up the TOTS printshop. Since then his most recent band, Magnificent 7, has continued to play charity gigs, including a recent outing at  the 100 Club on Oxford Street, London.

The Teenage Cancer Trust asked Iffy and the band to take part in the gig to help raise funds. Peter was eventually persuaded when the charity offered him the services of the drummer from Heaven 17 (who replaced Mag 7’s previous sticksman, Terry Lee Miall – he of Adam and The Ants fame – who had moved away).

The band was joined onstage by Peter’s son Ted for a couple of numbers, with the pedal to the metal performance raising £1,000 for the charity.

TOTshirts screen printed the band’s T-shirts, explained Peter, who added: “If you look closely, you can see there are some gold foil stars on them: that’s the number of times each member of the band played the 100 Club. In our halcyon days, when we had a bit of a following, we played down the club three or four times and we used to smash it, as they say these days!”


Iffy Voice and his son Ted singing with the Magnificent 7 (Photo credit: John Banyard)

Band File

Band name: Magnificent 7

Band members: Uncle Iffy Voice, Kit Basher, The Low Ranger, Wyatt Keys, General Chords and Doc Solo

Date formed: the original Mag 7 got together back in 1996 to support RONAID

Genre: Cowpunk

Greatest musical influence: Roy Rogers

Your most crowd-pleasing tune: What’s a crowd?

Best-ever gig: Return of the Magnificent 7

Sum up your band in one sentence: Ready for boot hill

Best band T-shirt you’ve ever owned: That Vivienne Westwood cowboy shirt that was associated with the sex pistols, dare you include an image? [Editor: No]

Best band moment: Frightening away the children at outdoor festivals

On many occasions we have managed to con proper musicians into being part of the debacle that is Mag 7 and apparently ‘entertained’ those unlucky enough to be in a venue when we are playing.

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