Magna has expanded its range of water-based inks

At Fespa 2017, MagnaColours introduced a number of new products to its range of water-based inks: the Aquaflex underbase and the Aqua Discharge AB and AW.

The Aquaflex underbase developed by MagnaColours provides a stretchy base for printing under Aquaflex white or neutral, and is for use on poly-based and stretchy materials, explains the company. “Its superior stretch improves bleed resistance and prevents dye migration through the ink. It is designed for high performance fabrics, and therefore will not penetrate fabrics, or affect the glue, to give even quicker productivity. The unique product has been specifically tailored for water-based screen printing applications, to achieve quality results.”

Also new from MagnaColours are two solvent-free versions of existing products. The Aqua Discharge AB and AW products contain no white spirit, removing the odours generated in the printing process and the need for extensive ventilation of the working environment. By removing the white spirit, Magna says it has increased the sustainability of its range. “These inks come as part of Magna’s latest move towards providing the screen printing industry with a comprehensive range of alternatives to the environmentally harmful products traditionally used in the industry, allowing printers and brands to champion sustainability.”


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