MagnaPrint Self Levelling ink offers a high-solids, water-based product specifically designed for manual screen printing, says MagnaColours

“The ink system is suitable for printing on light or coloured backgrounds, and has been engineered to provide excellent print performance and open time on mesh screens.

“Furthermore, MagnaPrint Self Levelling has been developed to reduce issues with pinholing when manually printing multiple layers of high solids ink, and also to provide optimum ink coverage.”

The ink also has a longer flow than other high solids systems, adds MagnaColours, “offering a more user-friendly formulation for manual printing sessions”.

MagnaPrint Self Levelling Neutral offers a ready-made clear base for strong, bright shades, while MagnaPrint Self Levelling White is a ready-to-print, opaque white paste that can be used as an underbase or highlight white, or can be pigmented to achieve pastel shades.

The inks are designed to be used with MagnaPrint Eco Pigments and the MagnaMix colour matching software. Additionally, the Self Levelling range is certified to Oeko-Tex Eco Passport and ZDHC Level 3.

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