Water-based screen print ink manufacturer MagnaColours has developed a new underbase ink, MagnaPrint Killer Base, that aims to give plastisol printers “an economical solution to significantly improve the handle and softness of their prints, whilst also achieving considerable cost savings “.

It is designed to be used as a water-based replacement for the first layer of plastisol ink or as an alternative option for printers using discharge underbases. “With high opacity and excellent fibre matting down properties, the new Killer product provides a smooth, silk-like under base for further layers of plastisol ink to be printed over, and also prevents fibrillation and pin-holing of fabrics,” explained the company. “Further benefits of the product include minimal print weight and reduced applications costs whilst having none of the pot-life implications associated with using a discharge underbase. Killer Base has been developed to improve print appearance and handle whilst simultaneously providing significant cost savings for printers.”

Tom Abbey, owner and chairman at MagnaColours, said, “Killer Base is very exciting new product for us at Magna and we’ve already received a great response from brands and printers. It can provide plastisol screen printers with their first steps into water-based printing and help them to start the process of making the switch to our environmentally sensitive formulations. Killer Base is suitable for small print shops looking to improve the handle of plastisol prints or just beginning the process of moving to water-based inks by starting with a single screen. It’s also perfect for larger printing companies who now understand the virtues and benefits of water-based printing, including process improvements, end product satisfaction and environmental performance. With Killer Base, we’re also showing that switching to Magna water-based inks makes economic sense for screen-printers.”

Killer Base, which was previewed at ISS Long Beach 2019 in January, will be launched on 8 April 2019. Also being launched by MagnaColours is the MagnaPrint Fade Out, a special effect ink from the company’s Vintage range. It has been designed to gradually fade following washing, creating a controlled wash-down and distressed effects. Fade Out can be used as an overprint with other ink systems, allowing printed areas to be revealed on the design over time.