MagnaColours has introduced a new dye migration blocker to its range of water-based inks.

The MagnaPrint Migration Blocker Black has been specially formulated to prevent issues with dye migration when screen printing problematic fabrics. Similar to the MagnaPrint Migration Eliminator V2, it’s both PVC- and phthalate-free, and is designed for use with polyester and polycotton fabrics. It’s said to eliminate the lifting of the garments during printing, and reduce the puckering and pin-holing of problematic fabrics.

“The MagnaPrint Migration Blocker Black gives a smoother finish with excellent matting properties, providing a perfect surface for overprinting, making it ideal to use with more fibrous fabrics,” said the company. It claims the ink’s high opacity and blocking properties allow for white inks to retain their vibrancy on polycotton blends, as well as offer long-flowing and slow-drying properties in the screen, and a soft hand-feel on the garment when printed.

Helen Parry, managing director of MagnaColours, said: “As more and more blended fabrics are being used in the textile industry, each one comes with its own challenges when it comes to screen printing. This is why we developed MagnaPrint Migration Blocker Black.

“Alongside our popular water-based MagnaPrint Migration Eliminator V2, our dye migration range will help eliminate colour bleeding issues from most fabrics in the current marketplace.”