MagnaColours has launched Magnaprint Discharge ULF System – a new range of formaldehyde-free discharge bases with enhanced wash-durability.

The company explains that since it first launched and patented formaldehyde-free discharge bases, wash durability demands have changed. Executive chairman, Tom Abbey comments: “Whilst wanting to eliminate the use of formaldehyde, another key requirement was wash durability to prevent fading. To meet the toughest demand, we developed MagnaPrint Discharge Fastness Enhancer. Not only have we answered the call for an effective water-based alternative, we have provided a solution to an industry problem, helping brands to provide safe, environmentally friendly, durable, high quality products for our customers.”

The company advises that simply adding the Enhancer to MagnaPrint Discharge paste will result in bright and beautiful discharge effects that stay bright while meeting the toughest wash durability standards of leading brands.

As part of its customer service promise, MagnaColours is providing full training to screen printers working with the new range to assist them in realising the full potential of the new range.