A new pop-up shop dedicated to TV reality show Love Island offers fans the chance to take away merchandise personalised using an R-Jet Pro DTF UVi system.

Resolute DTF supplied the direct-to-film machine for the shop at Bluewater Shopping Centre in Dartford in Kent for branded product specialist Event Merchandising which is running it.

The R-Jet Pro DTF UVi, with integrated in-line lamination and UV curing technology, can be used for printing onto not only garments and fabrics but phone cases, mugs, water bottles, plastic, metal and even glass.

Resolute DTF managing director Colin Marsh said: “It is well suited to on-demand personalisation of just about any hard and semi-rigid item in the first official Love Island store.”

Ricky Robinson-Nunn, from Resolute DTF sales, added: “Chosen for its compact size and punchy output, the R-Jet Pro UVi is perfect for bringing personalisation into a retail environment.”

Love Island water bottles

Pictured: Water bottles at the Love Island pop-up for personalisation

At the Love Island shop, fans can take away personalised merchandise such as water bottles in the style of the “iconic” water bottles featured on the TV show. It also sells exclusive T-shirts and hoodies carrying the messages such as, “Lust, Love, Vibes”.

Jurian van der Meer, executive vice president of brand licensing at Love Island maker ITV Studios, said: “Now, for the first time, fans will be able to shop in person and collect personalised merch on the same day. It’s a fantastic opportunity to connect with our audience in a new and exciting way.”

The shop was opened on Tuesday by former Love Island contestant Amy Hart. It will be open for just four weeks.

Resolut R-Jet Pro DTF UVi at the Love Island pop-up shop

Pictured: Resolute DTF’s R-Jet Pro DTF UVi system at the Love Island pop-up shop