Neenah Coldenhove has today launched a new addition to its collection of sticky sublimation papers, aimed at printers who want a lower tack level.

Part of its Jetcol range, the Jetcol TA Light Tack comes with improved drying capabilities and an excellent transfer yield while having a lower adhesive strength.

Neenah Coldenhove expects the lower tack level to make this paper suitable for the high ink load designs commonly used in the sportswear market.

The new Jetcol TA (Thermal Adhesive) Light Tack will be available in the UK through distributors who will be confirmed shortly.

The Jetcol TA family line is equipped with a special coating that sticks to the fabric during image transfer. This special feature reduces the chances of ghosting, without any risk of leaving residue on the textile.

The characteristics of sticky papers are aligned with the requirements of high-quality sportswear, such as stretch ability and colour brilliance, in every application.

Jetcol TA Light Tack is a 105 gsm sublimation paper with a lower level of adhesiveness compared to the standard two Jetcol TA grades.

Founded in 1661, Netherlands-based Neenah Coldenhove is a leading global specialist in digital transfer paper, known for its innovative paper solutions which include the invention of the dye sublimation paper category.