Leo Workwear is highlighting sustainability in its hi-vis garments and its socially responsible practices with the launch of a new initiative, Leo Cares.

With its own website and logo, Leo Cares focuses on the company’s EcoViz garments which are made with fabrics derived from recycled post-consumer clothing or recycled plastic bottles.

It also communicates how Leo Workwear is using sustainable suppliers, backed up by data, and has switched to using biodegradable bags featuring biotechnology called BDP from Change Plastic for Good.

The initiative encompasses Leo Workwear’s partnership with Avena which securely collects, destroys and recycles textiles for its customers.

Nick Bale, marketing and development manager for Leo Workwear, explained that Leo Cares built on the success of the EcoViz hi-vis garments that were introduced in 2019 – a range that has now grown to over 40 products.

“The EcoViz products have grown massively over the past three years. We are now in a place where we can share what we are doing right through the supply chain, from suppliers through to what happens at end of life.”

The Leo Cares branding will feature on packaging and sometimes on garment labels. Tickets carrying QR codes are being added to EcoViz products to provide a link to the Leo Cares website.

Nick added that Leo Cares would expand as Leo Workwear transitioned to more sustainable fabrics across its broader range, such as moving to recycled polyester. “We want Leo Workwear to be the go-to brand for sustainable high-visibility clothing.”

Based in Barnstaple in Devon, Leo Workwear has been in business for over 40 years and now supplies customers across the UK.