The new Kornit Avalanche R-series of direct-to-garment printers has been given its first European showing at the C!Print exhibition in Lyon, France, where the company also presented a complete digital garment production workflow in collaboration with Custom Gateway.

The flagship Avalanche Hexa and the Avalanche 1000 DTG printers are now commercially available in a new R-Series version, featuring a recirculating ink system. This technology, which is already found in the Kornit Storm, Allegro and Vulcan models, optimises print quality, reliability and ink efficiency, according to the company. As a result, users of the Avalanche R-Series can expect to benefit from up to 20% ink savings and faster system availability after the start-up process.

The Kornit Avalanche Hexa R-Series includes six color channels plus white, for a wider gamut and improved spot colour handling. Kornit advises that this will allow R-Series users to easily reproduce accurate colours for licensed sports team designs and Pantone colours for corporate logos.

The new R-Series versions will replace the current Avalanche systems, with updates are available for existing Avalanche Hexa and Avalanche 1000 machines.

The new digital garment production workflow solution includes Custom Gateway’s product configurator, which supports the creation of personalised and on-demand garments, followed by print data creation and handover to the production workflow. The production workflow itself generates the actual print file, optimised for Kornit systems, and supports additional functionalities, such as barcode scanning, logistics support and workflow automation.

Kornit reports that both solutions are API-based and can be integrated with any eCommerce platform, to add full web-to-print support to the company’s single step production systems – from website through to ordering, printing and shipping. The workflow is available to all Kornit users world-wide.

Oliver Luedtke, Kornit Digital’s European marketing director, commented: “We are very happy to show Kornit’s latest innovation in Europe and at the beginning of the year. The new Avalanche R-Series, as well as the partnership with Custom Gateway, prove how we continuously strive to optimise the user experience and system reliability in the industrial mass customisation space for garments.”