The Paradigm II can be used with almost any screen print carousel

“Kornit’s Paradigm II was the first digital add-on solution in the market, specifically engineered to give screen printers the ability to print digitally on textile,” says Oliver Luedtke of Kornit. “Leveraging existing screen printing equipment, the Paradigm II combines the benefits of digital and screen printing, resulting in a cost- and time-efficient solution for sophisticated printing on any fabric.”

According to Oliver, the Paradigm II is highly profitable, bringing together analogue and digital and combining low cost per print with unlimited creative possibilities. “Such combination prints enable unique products and higher margins,” he explains.

The Paradigm II system is compatible with almost any screen carousel and can be easily moved from one carousel to another. “Based on Kornit’s 13 years of experience as a manufacturer of digital printing systems and inks, the print quality is high with outstanding fastness and wash durability,” says Oliver. For the underbase, customers may use discharge, primer or International Coating’s white plastisol.


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