Digital textile printing equipment manufacturer Kornit Digital has unveiled its new cloud-based, mobile workflow software platform Kornit Konnect.

Kornit Konnect aims to help businesses maximise the productivity of their digital printing solutions by enabling them to “monitor production, analyse insights and manage their fleet, in order to eliminate blind spots,” said the company. It includes a fleet management dashboard, data-driven benchmarks, actual production costs and cost structures per job, and the company reports that future phases and releases of Kornit Konnect will “enable deeper insights and actions as it comes to optimising production management and enabling a seamless software workflow environment for businesses of all sizes”.

Omer Kulka, vice president of marketing and product strategy at Kornit, said: “While businesses need to deliver high-quality faster than ever to maintain customer loyalty, they are also challenged to maximize their efficiency and productivity.

“Konnect empowers these businesses to make better-informed production decisions and act on them, with greater visibility and control over their operations. We have a revolutionary vision for this cloud-based platform and have plans to frequently add new modules and features that customers can leverage for long-term business success.