The Kornit Atlas Max includes Kornit Digital’s sustainable, single-step production process, which eliminates the need for pre- and post-treatments

Using eco-friendly pigment-based inks, the DTG system’s Max technologies are designed to introduce “ever-greater levels of production automation, to optimise throughput, and minimise the time and labour needed to fulfil orders of any size,” explains Kornit.

“Furthermore, these systems offer simulated embroidery, 3D graphics, heat transfer vinyl, screen printing and dye sublimation effects, using the same single-step digital decoration process.

“This allows decorators to consolidate multiple processes to a single production system, therefore requiring less labour, floor space and materials, while cutting waste and carbon footprint significantly.

“In addition, the Kornit Atlas Max uses up to 93% less water and 66% less energy, while producing up to 82% less greenhouse gas emissions relative to competitive solutions.”

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