The Kornit Avalanche R-Series was launched in January 2017

In January, Kornit launched its new Avalanche R-Series with ink recirculation system. The two most recent Avalanche configurations are the Avalanche Hexa, with six colours plus white, and the Avalanche 1000, both of which are now available in the R-Series format.

The recirculating ink system on the new R-series versions uses proven technology that Kornit has already introduced in the Storm series, the Allegro and the Vulcan, and which is said to optimise print quality, reliability and ink efficiency. “As a result, users of the Avalanche R-Series benefit from up to 20% ink savings and faster system availability after the start-up process,” reports Kornit.

The Avalanche Hexa R-Series offers six colours plus white for a wider gamut and improved spot colour handling, while the robust Avalanche 1000 R-Series with dual pallet industrial production capability is designed for heavy-duty use: it is capable of printing up to 220 light and 160 dark garments per hour. Both systems feature a print area of up to 90 x 60cm and 12cm wide pass printing, plus an automatic height adjustment mechanism that allows for printing over buttons and other protruding objects.

“Kornit keeps innovating on all fronts,” said Guy Zimmerman, Kornit Digital’s vice president of marketing and business development. “The new Avalanche R-Series is a great example how a proven flagship product can be optimised towards even higher print quality, reliability and cost efficiency.”

The new R-Series versions will replace the current systems. The capabilities of the R-Series are also now available for existing Avalanche Hexa and Avalanche 1000 installations as an upgrade.


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