The Printascreen Totally Enclosed Exposure Unit from Kippax

Kippax manufactures a wide range of pre-press equipment including standard and bespoke exposure units, drying cabinets, manual screen cleaning and stencil developing units, and screen stretching systems. The company is also the UK agent for Inpro auto screen cleaning systems, auto stencil developing systems and combination units.

The latest addition to the Inpro range is its 3-in-1 combination screen cleaning, stripping and developing unit. Kippax says this modular automated machine is an all-in-one solution for small to mid-volume screen users and has the following features and advantages: Open mid section to prevent cross contamination or to use in isolation; ability to be used in line, or each module can be isolated for independent use; plus PLC diagnostic facility and an optional remote diagnostic function. The company promises that the Inpro delivers consistent quality, using up to 3.5 times the pressure of manual systems; offers simple control and low maintenance; and delivers time savings thanks to a “greatly reduced print disruption/print reboot time” along with “overall cost reduction in comparison to a manual system.”

Kippax has been manufacturing since 1959 and prides itself on offering a customer-led service.


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