European branded garment producer Kingly has announced that it has achieved the Oeko-Tex standard 100 certificate for its upcycled socks.

The accreditation confirms that the socks have not been made using any harmful substances, building on the company’s efforts to ensure it has accredited materials from its suppliers.

Kingly’s upcycled socks are composed of 85% upcycled cotton for comfort, 12% recycled polyamide for strength and 3% elastane for both comfort and strength.

The accreditation follows Kingly’s development of a “sustainability calculator”, empowering its clients to work out the environmental impact they would have with every order of upcycled products.

Kingly has calculated that 25,075,314 litres of water were saved through 48 orders of Kingly upcycled socks in 2022. This also saved 93,592 kilowatt-hours of energy and minimised the carbon footprint by 38,397 kilograms. It also prevented 4,235 square metres of textile waste from going to landfill. This does not include the orders combining upcycled and euro cotton or upcycled and GOTS organic cotton.