Kingly, the international promotional clothing and textile manufacturer, is expanding its production capacity.

Based in Sofia in Bulgaria but with offices in Southampton in the UK, it has expanded its production capacity by 200% and from 15 October 2022 will run its production lines 24 hours a day.

This round-the-clock manufacturing will be achieved through revised shift patterns that give the production teams an equal share of shifts.

As with existing operations, it will remain in full accord with Sedex’s Smeta Pillar 4 ethical audit standards which scrutinise conditions of labour, health and safety, the environment, and business ethics.

Announcing the move, Kingly said its new patterns of production would revolutionise its ability to respond quickly to customer demand, placing it “significantly ahead of the competition”.

For instance, it pointed out that the industry standard turnaround for the production of custom knitted socks is around six weeks but Kingly is now able to produce them with a lead time from only two weeks.

Rush order fees will apply for urgent orders as operating costs at midnight shifts and on weekends will result in higher operating costs.

Kingly has published its approach to shift patterns, pointing out that “rotating shift schedules has been shown to strengthen teams and expand the collective knowledge base”.

It added: “No one ends up working only nights unless they choose to do so. Working a model of teams of four of five people over 24 hours means Kingly can use three shifts, usually eight hours each, or two 12-hour shifts, to provide 24/7 shift pattern cover.”

Kingly was founded in 2014 by its CEO, Rob Armour, with a focus on environmental responsibility in the production of promotional apparel from T-shirts to socks. Operating through distributors, it has teams in Southampton covering the UK and New York City for North America.