Chris Edmonds has joined garment manufacturer Kingly as operations director with a mission to make it “the premier sock manufacturer in Europe and beyond”.

He has nearly 50 years’ experience in textile manufacturing around the world, including factory builds and developing products for brands such as Marks & Spencer, Tesco and Walmart.

As part of the management team, he has set a target of doubling production within six months and, over time, to introduce more machinery into the manufacturing unit and make “many other different products”.

With headquarters in Bulgaria and an office in Southampton, Kingly supplies socks, clothing and other products for garment decorators and promotional merchandise.

Chris said: “We are manufacturing good socks. We can do better. We can do it quicker. We can do it smarter. People are working hard. We need to give our customers the ability to get their orders quicker. We also need more clarity with our customers showing them where their orders are in production. That is very possible.

“The factory is good and has lots of potential. We tend to be majoring in promotional products but we can make technical products. We could do ski socks, football socks, and children’s socks. There is a lot more that Kingly can do. I am sure in a short time we will be doing that. My goal is to make Kingly the best sock manufacturer in Europe.”