Just Ts – blended to perfection

Just Ts Electric Tri-Blend T-shirts
The Just Ts JT004 Electric Tri-Blend T in electric pink, electric green, electric orange and electric yellow
The Just Ts range of Tri-Blend garments delivers the perfect combination of yarns for comfort and style, and a great printing base.

Just Ts produces high quality, adaptable T-shirts that provide an honest canvas for expression and creativity. We pride ourselves on the quality of the Ts we make and celebrate the adaptable and innovative attributes that each of our garments provides.

We know that it is all about the fabric and detail, which is why we offer such a wide, carefully crafted range. Each of the T-shirts we produce includes detailed stitching and the highest quality fitted finish making it the ideal printing surface.

For further details of the Just Ts 2021 collection, visit the brand’s website: justtsbyawdis.com

For advice, information and inspiration on how to add extra value to Just Ts products, contact your local AWDis Brand Ambassador: [email protected]

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