Joakim Staberg, founder of Coloreel, was last month awarded the Skapa prize, which rewards innovation.

”This year’s prize winner shows great innovation spirit and that the Swedish textile industry is at the forefront,” said Minoo Akhtarzand, Skapa’s chairman. “Coloreel, as the innovation is called, revolutionises the technological possibilities for industrial embroidery. The innovation shortens production times and allows for embroidery in the precise colours you want. Also, for the first time, it is now possible to produce gradients in the embroidery.”

Joakim commented: ”It feels inspiring that we can now call ourselves Swedish champions of innovation after so many years of hard work. It is strong proof that the whole Coloreel team has accomplished something beyond the ordinary. We are now in the middle of a strong expansion and are fully focused on bringing our first thread-colouring product to the market.”

Joakim received the award, along with 500 000 SEK, from Minoo and the Swedish innovator, Håkan Lans at the Skapa innovation gala in Stockholm on 8 November 2018. The Skapa award was established in memory of the scientist and inventor Alfred Nobel.