Jester Prints have introduced the latest additions to its Digital Tuftran range of heat transfers.

The heat-applied textile transfer supplier has created a rainbow and a multicolour ‘Leavers’ transfer design for school and college leavers’ garments.

“Traditionally, following the American college style, the prints have been in single colour only, but with the popularity of the iconic rainbow imagery it’s likely that many school leavers’ designs will follow that trend and feature a rainbow, or rainbow colours in their designs,” explained Geoff Thorne, managing director of Jester Prints.

“And the multicolour print will be fully customisable, in as much as the outline and infills of the number can be chosen to match school colours.”  

Ideal for reproducing full colour with blends in a transfer, Digital Tuftrans are made through a combination of a digitally printed full-colour design backed up with a highly wash-resistant and eco-friendly water-based adhesive — the transfers are ready to use, and don’t require any weeding or secondary processes.