JERZEES – New brand for Europe!

2024 brings a new canvas designed to support the garment decorating and customisation industry! JERZEES®, a well-known US-brand for apparel spanning recreational, collegiate, hospitality and sporting events, will soon be available for B2B distributors in Europe.

The high-quality brand offers a wide range of colours and styles. It is set to inspire decorators across Europe to creatively express themselves and take that leap of imagination to stand out in the crowd. JERZEES  apparel is designed for passionate and creative decorators who take pride in their craft and their ability to exceed customer expectations.

JERZEES brand timeline

40 years of innovative power

JERZEES is a brand with a story spanning more than 40 years. Throughout all this time, the company never lost sight of the original goal – to create comfortable, stylish leisurewear of the highest quality. The focus is always on affordability, quality and innovative technologies. The garments are made to last – giving every creative message added value, and the JERZEES Eco® products are an eco-friendlier way to express style and creativity.

JERZEES apparel group shot

The purpose of JERZEES

JERZEES exists to encourage and support self-expression and creativity. The brand stands for the highest quality apparel in the marketplace that will give people the confidence to express themselves and stand out for doing and wearing what feels natural.

JERZEES T-shirts and neck label

The apparel for creative minds – where sustainability meets creativity!

Sustainably sourced textiles that provide the perfect surface for print design – like JERZEES –  speak for themselves. But where can decorators and interested buyers this innovative, pilling-resistant apparel? The full range of comfortable, soft garments will be readily available for B2B buyers and the brand’s selected distributors this mid year. Stay tuned!