Inspirational new Lookbook presents fashionable outfit combinations for 2022

Packed with vibrant colours and fashionable garments, the new Lookbook by James & Nicholson and Myrtle Beach is available now. It gives both retailers and their customers inspiration for on-trend style combinations for workwear as well as leisurewear from both brands. New, fresh imagery is used in both the printed and digital versions, which is complemented by modern product ads and videos.

“Bright colours and fashionable, clean styles make a good pair,” confirm the brands. “The catalogue is supposed to give retailers marketing support and to inspire customers to buy new products or mix existing ones.”

The tasteful styles in the Lookbook, which is available in English and German, are based on the new imagery of the two fashion brands.

Retail-ready style combinations with a wide range of colours

“It is the variety of colours that makes the products by James & Nicholson and Myrtle Beach fashionably combinable regardless of the product line,” explains Ingrid Strobel, the graphic designer responsible for planning the outfits and photo shoots for the new imagery, as well as designing the new Lookbook. “With the design of the depicted styles, we focused on crossover styles. Those are a current trend and well-suited for matching workwear and leisurewear.”

“Creative image compositions speak for themselves: the trendy looks convey vitality and energy,” adds Ingrid. Those who want to get a better feeling for the outfit combinations can view the video on the new Lookbook, while selected styles illustrated by the new imagery have been featured in product ads since the beginning of the year.

The Lookbook includes outfit ideas for the categories Work, Casual, Lounge, Sports and French Chic, and promises a suitable outfit for every taste.

Ladies’/Men’s Active Tanktop For outdoor sports or in the gym, this tanktop is a great choice. As well as its sporty look, it is made of fine single jersey that is breathable, moisture-regulating and quick-drying. With nine different colours, the tank top can be mixed and matched in a variety of looks, whether it’s worn for leisure or working out.

A good example of a crossover style is the addition of the Ladies’/Men’s Allweather Jacket to the Active Tanktop, which turns a sporty look into a casual outfit.

Ladies’/Men’s Lounge Hoodies For those who prefer to relax, this hoodie, which is made from organic cotton, is the perfect choice for everyday wear. Whether the wearer is working from home, relaxing on the couch or going for a walk on a mild summer night, the garment’s light, oversized cut and choice of six soft colours ensure the hoodies are both comfortable and on-trend.

The Ladies’/Men’s Active Tanktop is a breathable, moisture-regulating, quick-drying style
The Ladies’/Men’s Active Tanktop is a breathable, moisture-regulating, quick-drying style

Matching lounge pants and shorts are also available. Combining the lounge pants with the Ladies’/Men’s Business Parka adds a cool, chic finishing touch to a cosy outfit.

Workwear Stretch-Bermuda-Jeans A good choice for hot working days in summer, this stretchy style is the short version of the first jeans from James & Nicholson. “They combine robust denim quality with a comfortable fit and plenty of freedom of movement,” note James & Nicholson and Myrtle Beach, with the brands adding that, “The hippest combinations of these and many other products can be found in the Lookbook.”

Find out more about the new Lookbook and the products of James & Nicholson and Myrtle Beach on the website of the brands’ UK distributor, Fusible Systems.