Ahead of the general election in December 2019, the UK print industry experienced a period of economic slow down with many of our members citing a combination of indecision over Brexit and the lack of clarity from government as a significant causal factor.

Many members who we canvassed on their preferred outcome of the election wished for a result that would deliver a clear route to Brexit being decided, and the shortest path to a new trading relationship with the EU being mapped out, so that they can plan accordingly.

As such, I think this election result does deliver on these priorities for business, in theory. This is from a market confidence viewpoint, with the uplift in the pound and acknowledgement that Brexit will now be delivered in one form or another providing short-term relief to the sector.

That said, it is now down to the government to deliver on its mandate and ensure that any trading agreement with the EU is decided with the best interests of the entire United Kingdom in mind – putting country above politics – and that a clear and grounded economic strategy be put in place to help the UK business community make the transition.

Brendan Perring is general manager of the Independent Print Industries Association (IPIA) – a not-for-profit membership association for the print industry