The Independent Print Industries Association (IPIA) has announced its merge with the British Association for Print & Communication (BAPC).

Sidney Bobb, who has now assumed the role of president of the BAPC, said: “In these times of unprecedented change it is important that the leading industry bodies work together.

“That is why we have chosen to merge the BAPC with the IPIA, combing all our respective strengths and values, to support all the members and deliver the most comprehensive range of services possible.”

Chairman of the IPIA, Graeme Smith, added: “We believe this is the next step in our evolution as we as look to build a stronger organisation that supports the business of print as it creates a new normal.

“What is absolutely critical to this endeavour is that we empower our members to realise the value they represent to the end-customer, and how they can leverage that to improve their long-term business prospects, and ultimately, their profitability.”