Members of the IPIA were part of a joint delegation to 10 Downing Street in June where they met with a senior special advisor to the prime minister to advocate for the print, paper and packaging industries. 

They took part in an industry roundtable, “the aim of which was to facilitate discussion with government and set out the contribution of our industries to the economic and social progress of the UK – while highlighting the structural and strategic support that could spur new growth”, explained the print association.

The roundtable builds on a 10 Downing Street meeting earlier this year by IPIA chair, Charles Rogers, and his resulting invitation to a business leaders reception hosted by deputy prime minister Oliver Dowden.

Charles commented: “Our presentation was clear, we are a huge part of the UK economy, and play a key role in every other industry and the health of our society – assist us and we will remain resilient and a key manufacturing asset for UK PLC.

“This was an important day for our collective industries. The input was simply remarkable, and there was consistent messaging from both global corporations and SMEs.”

The prime minister’s special advisor heard from participants on a range of areas where progress could be made to encourage growth in the print, paper and packaging industries. These included energy costs and infrastructure development, material costs, recycling and the circular economy, technology innovation, export opportunities, the perception of print and paper, and the promotion of print’s positive contribution to culture and society.

In addition to Charles, the delegation from the print industry was made up of Brendan Perring of the IPIA, Lance Hill of Eight Days a Week Print Solutions, Anthony Rowell of Tradeprint, Jane Rixon of HP, Marine Kerivel-Brown of Duplo International, Sarah Kilcoyne-Guilliam of Kingsbury Press/Bluetree Group, Simon Cooper of Solopress, and Mike Hughes of Latcham.