Prints made with Blaze Cotton White 7038 (l) and new Blaze Low Bleed White 7042 (r) on 50/50 blend fabric

International Coatings is introducing Blaze Low Bleed White 7042 in response to customer demands for a soft-hand, high performing, low bleed white ink.

The company developed the new ink to be easy to print on both manual and automatic presses.  It is said to offer a combination of, “Great bleed resistance, outstanding print performance, very fast flash, low after-flash tack, excellent opacity and a matte, super soft finish.”  Designed for maximum smoothness and opacity on 100% cotton, cotton/polyester blends and some polyester fabrics, 7042 is optically bright, creamy and soft-bodied, and possesses excellent matting characteristics. International Coatings claims that the inks fast flashing characteristics allow for shorter dwell times and thus, faster production rates.

The new ink has been beta tested at independent print companies and in side-by-side print comparisons, it outperformed comparable competitors’ brands in coverage and printability, according to International Coatings.

The launch of Blaze Low Bleed White 7042 follows the successful introduction of Blaze Cotton White 7038 – a non-phthalate, high pigment, fast flashing, low tack, high performance plastisol screen printing ink.