The Spanish-built InnoPrinter is a new semi-automatic transfer press that is claimed to be capable of applying 500 prints an hour. According to InnoPrinter (UK), the press offers, “a new approach to print jobs that are too costly to screen print, and too timeconsuming for vinyl cutting and weeding.”

The company explains that the new press’s “exceptional efficiency” is achieved by applying roll fed, Oeko-Tex certified transfers in under two seconds without the need for manual registration by the operator. “Simple foot-pedal operation minimises operator fatigue and enables a printing efficiency unrivalled by any other decoration process. And the press’s optical and laser registration systems work in tandem to guarantee the perfect placement of transfer prints.

“Setting up the InnoPrinter takes less than 90 seconds and the total cost of decoration can be half that of screen printing, without the need for any screens, or any of the mess,” it adds.

The transfers, supplied by the company, can be applied to virtually any fabric and can be produced in as little as four days, with a minimum quantity of 50 prints. On site demonstrations are available throughout the UK.