Inkthreadable has installed a Kornit Storm Hexa DTG printer at its new premises in Blackburn, as part of a programme of investment in new hardware, software and increased warehouse space.

Alex Cunliffe, managing director of Inkthreadable, reports that the high demand for drop shipping custom printed clothing and accessories has increased in the past year, “with more and more small businesses and start-ups ordering their products on demand through Inkthreadable due to eliminating the need for start-up capital and stock.” Hence the company’s investment in new digital printing equipment, relocation to the new premises which quadruple its warehouse space, and the development of bespoke web-to-print order management and integration software. The latter is designed to handle the complexity of operating a just-in-time manufacturing process for a high volume of low quantity orders.

Alex comments: “The past 12 months has been both intense and exciting for Inkthreadable. We didn’t expect the growth we’ve seen or the volume of orders that came with it, but our team has risen to the challenge and we’re now ready to push forward with new technologies to offer services above and beyond what our customers expect… The new hardware and software we’re bringing on board is what really excites me. The bespoke order management system will completely overhaul the way we handle order processing, allow greater transparency of orders statuses for customers, and new ecommerce platform integrations will give current and future customers flexibility in the way they use our services.”

The Storm Hexa is a 6-colour (CMYKRG + white) printer which is claimed to be capable of reproducing 30% more colours than CMYK + white DTG printers. Alex believes that the machine’s broader colour gamut will give Inkthreadable an extra edge in the market, allowing it to print a quality of work that can’t be matched by print shops using conventional printers and ink systems.

The printer was supplied by Amaya Sales UK and is the company’s first Kornit machine sale since taking on the Kornit agency in May this year. It will operate alongside Inkthreadables’ existing ten TexJet DTG printers, which were also supplied by Amaya Sales UK. Amaya also supplied a Chiossi e Cavazzuti tunnel dryer to handle the curing of garments printed on the new Kornit machine. Amaya took on the Chiossi e Cavazzuti agency following the Fespa 2017 show in Hamburg in May.