Garment decorator Inkthreadable is on course to accelerate the brand’s presence in the print-on-demand space after being bought through a pre-pack administration in February.

Inktreadable founders Alex and Amy Cunliffe acquired their old company through their new business, Hyper Merch, for £130,000 and continue to trade as Inkthreadable.

The company, a specialist in on-demand printing, expanded rapidly as sales surged during the Covid lockdowns, including relocating to bigger premises in Blackburn in Lancashire in July 2020, but encountered cashflow issues after trade returned to pre-pandemic levels.

Hyper Merch took on 23 of Inkthreadable’s employees under TUPE transfer-of-employment regulations and continues to operate from Blackburn Business Park.

Alex said: “The pre-pack deal with Hyper Merch Limited acquiring the assets of Inkthreadable Limited has allowed us to retain our team of 23 staff, fulfil customer orders and continue to support and trade with our suppliers who we are prioritising continued trade with.

“From this point forward, under the ownership of Hyper Merch, we are excited to accelerate the brand’s presence in the print-on-demand space and assist clients in further growing their own businesses.

“This is a new chapter: one in which we are deeply committed to rebuilding trust and value for all our stakeholders, one with focus on financial stability and innovation.”