Michelle Thirlby has been promoted to the role of operations director at InkTec, manufacturer of inkjet ink, Jetrix printers and advertising media.

Michelle, who joined InkTec nearly three years ago, said: “During my time at InkTec, the company has certainly developed and expanded its operations. So, my new role will be building on what has been achieved already.

“This will involve broadening the reach of overseeing the finance and service teams, while encompassing welfare and development too.

“In particular, I am looking forward to taking on more of a leadership role, influencing the business strategy and focusing on building the business.

“In addition, as a female leader in the printing sector, I want to nurture and develop the talent and self-belief of all my team – both male and female.”

Dating back to 1992, InkTec has been operating in Witney in Oxfordshire since 2006 and now has a presence across the globe with over 200 distribution channels through 80 countries.