Ideal for smaller print shop environments, the new 60cm DTF Powder Oven and Shaker has the advantage of a compact size due to its vertical production process, explains InkTec.

“Working neatly alongside an InkTec DTF printer, the shaker can work as an integrated unit to complete the DTF printing process. Alternatively, it can be set up to work independently alongside other leading brands of DTF printers,” says the company.

Featuring all the benefits of InkTec’s existing 30cm model, the DTF Powder Oven and Shaker also includes an automatic powder recycling system, improved curing effect, and a three-stage heating system with independent control to adapt to the printing environment.

“This latest version also has a cover that opens from left to right at a 90-degree angle, greatly improving access and simplifying maintenance tasks,” adds the company.

“In addition, it also has upgraded digital heat controllers for enhanced precision through the process.”