The Helix One is an excellent choice for those just starting out or for seasoned printers looking for a dedicated direct-to-object printer, says Inkcups

The benchtop, cylindrical inkjet printer is designed to print full-colour images onto straight walled and tapered vessels, including assorted drinkware, candles and other cylindrical products.

“Compact in design, the Helix One has a motor-driven operation with a fully automatic programmable tooling fixture and height adjust, and a high-precision, robust linear drive,” adds the supplier.

“Additionally, it’s equipped with a segmented UV curing unit, which is controlled by software and has a power output of 8W, ensuring that the curing process is optimised for the best results!”

Other features on the Helix One include the ability to add jettable primer, automatic wiping, and a white and black sub-tank stirring system. It can also be paired with the LV Series UV Printer ink “for strong adhesion”.

The latest addition to the Inkcups portfolio is the XJet Switch, a direct-to-object digital flatbed printer that prints CMYKWW images onto a variety of reusable bags and hard goods, such as soft coolers and promotional products, the supplier explains.

“With four platens, the XJet Switch prints two 10×10” images onto two products simultaneously, allowing the operator time to load and unload the other two platens.

“The XJet Switch offers a superior method of decoration that’s faster, more efficient, and more cost-effective than other methods — simply print the selected artwork directly onto the substrate and utilise the UV light to cure the artwork after printing, eliminating extra steps of drying or additional machines.

“The printer paired with Xflexx UV ink also enables superior adhesion and durability, resulting in high-quality, long-lasting prints that are resistant to distorting or cracking ”