The Independent Print Industries Association (IPIA) has announced that it’s developed a new ‘Lite’ membership category.

Originally formed to represent the interests of, and support the relationship between, print management and trade printers, the IPIA has decided to open up its membership and offer a key segment of the trade association’s benefits to a much wider spectrum of the commercial print industry, in particular those that don’t offer trade services. This means its new Lite membership will be available to garment decoration companies that sell directly to consumers, rather than B2B. 

Newly appointed general manager, Brendan Perring, said: “Allowing non-trade companies to join us opens a core of our benefits up to so many more businesses. It will also give businesses that have never been part of an association the ability to engage and understand the immense value being part of such a network can bring.

“The association is fiercely committed to supporting its membership and championing the print industry and print out to the wider market. This activity is as relevant to a printer serving local businesses as it is to the trade suppliers who may offer that company an outsourcing service.”

Businesses joining under the new ‘Lite’ membership category pay £25 plus VAT per month, and will have access to a select range of services, such as a legal helpline and support, credit checking and debt recovery. They will also receive discounted rates on the IPIA’s training portfolio and events.

Brendan added: “The industry has changed dramatically over the last few years; challenges faced by businesses 20 years ago are simply not the same anymore and it is our job as a trade association to respect and keep up with those changes. That means the support we offer must evolve as well.

“Our rebrand earlier in the year gave us the opportunity to look at our core objectives and to develop a strategy that is driving growth. The reason that I took this job is that I could see just how much the IPIA were doing to help individual members businesses and the wider industry.”

Current members of the IPIA include Awesome Merchandise and R A Smart, as well as Epson, Roland DG, Ricoh and YPS.