We review the latest machinery and ancillary equipment for heat-applied decoration from DTF films and digitally printed heat transfers to DTF/DTG printer bundles

Brother: GT-3 DTG/DTF Printers

Following the success of the combined DTF and DTG capabilities on Brother’s GTX-series printers, it is now also possible with its GT-3 printers, reports the company.

“Why should you limit yourself to one of the two printing methods when you can have both?

“With this new solution for our GT-3 printer, Brother can help you expand your product range by being extremely flexible, for a very attractive price.

Both DTG and DTF printing is now possible on Brother’s GT-3 printers

“No matter if you’re a beginner in DTG and DTF, or if you already run a GT-3 with the CadLink software ‘Apparel Brother V10’, you can decide for yourself if you want to print directly onto a textile or onto a film,” comments the company.

Secabo: The Beast and TC7 Smart Membrane DTF-combo

Secabo promises the ultimate combo for direct-to-film (DTF) printing: The Beast and the TC7 Smart Membrane. Ideal for dealing with adhesive gel with non-contact heat, The Beast combines a smart swing-away heat press, a heated base plate and a quick-change system, says Secabo.

“A professional device for high-end applications, including DTF, The Beast’s contactless drying is possible due to the large adjustment range of up to 7cm.

[L-R] The Beast and the TC7 Smart Membrane offer the ultimate DTF combo, says Secabo

“And thanks to its wide swing angle, ‘bumping’ and spreading of the adhesive during placement of the film can also be avoided, while its modular thermobase saves time as heat comes from above and below.”

The TC7 Smart Membrane knee-lever heat press offers a passive membrane plate and high contact pressure, so that fusing the film takes only 10 seconds at 125°C, adds Secabo.

“The inflatable membrane allows uneven surfaces to be compensated. Heat only acts where needed, and so the garment is protected from resublimation and dye migration.”

Grafityp: Siser EasyColor Direct to Vinyl Film

The new Siser EasyColor Direct to Vinyl enables decorators to print full-colour heat transfer vinyl with a home inkjet printer, says Grafityp.

“Unlike other materials that rely on solvent, ecosolvent or even sublimation systems, no new set-ups or expensive equipment purchases are needed to use EasyColor — just feed it into your printer, like any other piece of paper, and you’re ready to print!”

Siser EasyColor Direct to Vinyl enables decorators to print full-colour designs using a desktop printer, says Grafityp

EasyColor Direct to Vinyl films promise a smooth, matt surface, and are compatible with 100% cotton, 100% polycotton, elastane and 100% polycotton blended fabrics.

In addition, Grafityp offers the Siser S-Print Digital Heat Transfer Vinyl, a water-based vinyl designed to “print any design easily and quickly onto cotton, polyester, elastic fabrics and polycotton blends”.

“The low application temperature paired with the excellent workability and the soft touch guarantees high-quality results – in a matter of seconds,” adds Grafityp.

Designed for use on wide-format print-and-cut machines, S-Print is compatible with solvent, eco-solvent and UV-based inks, plus it’s suitable on both light and dark garments.

Marathon Threads: DTF Films

Marathon Threads has introduced a new range of films for direct-to-film printers in response to the swift growth of the print technology, says the company.

“The film only requires a seven-second press and can be immediately hot peeled — it’s a game-changer for productivity! If you doubt us, then get in touch and we’ll send you printed samples so you can take the ‘7 Second Test’.”

Marathon Threads’ DTF films are available on rolls either 30 or 60cm wide

The films are available on rolls that are either 30 or 60cm wide, and alternatively as A3 sheets, and come as either single-sided or double-sided options.

All the films can either be used as hot peel or cold peel, adds Marathon. “This versatility allows the user to work with the film to suit existing work practices and improve efficiency.”

Axzyra: DTF Digital Transfer Printers

Axzyra offers three models in its range of direct-to-film systems printing roll-to-roll, hot peel PET film in either a 300mm or 600mm width. The DTF300 prints 300mm width film, whilst the DTF600 prints 600mm width film, both using two print heads at a speed of 11 linear metres per/hr.

A DTF printing system with four print heads is also now available from Axzyra, printing 600mm width film at 21 linear metres per hour.

The DTF300 prints 300mm film at 11 linear metres per/hr, says Axzyra

It’s also configured with either CMYK x 2 or CMYK + spot colours for an extended colour gamut.

The Axzyra DTF range features a powder adhesive and fixing system, plus a large-volume, fume filtration cabinet. In addition, each model includes Diamond white opaque ink, which is certified by Oeko-Tex 100 Class 1, alongside its PET film and adhesive, and comes installed with Print Factory RIP software.

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