In-store marketing is an often-undervalued part of a marketing strategy, but for garment decorators whose premises are open to customers and are looking to increase footfall, it can play a critical role

Customers trust you with their branding needs, so ensure yours is also on point from the moment the customer locks eyes on your building and enters your showroom. Catching a customer’s attention visually is key, whether this is using point of sales materials and marketing collateral in store, or using decorated windows, sandwich boards and/or other visual devices outside to display your latest offers, promotions and range of products.

Appeal to customers and market your business at the same time by giving out promotional items that are branded with your information and details, as well as branded samples and swatches – anything that enhances your business’s brand and will be of use to your customers. You can also extend your offers to be in-store only. Offering showroom-specific deals, discounts and incentives that can only be used at your store will give your existing and potential customers a reason to visit you.

Combining all these factors along with a professional appearance and great customer service will create an enticing store that both existing and prospective customers will want to visit. By giving your customers a reason to visit you, they will get to see and touch the products and talk to you about their needs and your proposition. It’ll allow them to get a real feel for your business and brand, which isn’t always possible to achieve via a website. Despite the steady year-on-year growth of personalised clothing being sold online, there is still no replacement for seeing in the flesh the quality of both a product and a service.

Andrew Langridge is from ETrader, one of the industry’s leading suppliers of websites to garment decorators across the UK.