Images columnist and industry expert Marshall Atkinson has teamed up with “successful shop owner and marketing guru” Tom Rauen to create a garment decoration sales and marketing education series called Shirt Lab.

The Shirt Lab events will be held in different cites around the US, with the first one in Columbus Ohio on 27 October 2018.

Each Shirt Lab event will be focused on giving shops the modern best practices for sales and marketing, in a workshop/Ted Talk-style hybrid format. Marshall commented: “What makes Shirt Lab special is that we are providing the educational content that you are not going to find anywhere else in one session. Our goal is that each attendee leaves the event with their brain melted by the overwhelming amount of new ideas. We want them racing back to their shops and using what they’ve learned to change their sales approach for the better.”

Features include Ryan Moor providing expert tips on using video on social media to increase sales, while Bill Petrie will focus on how to out-Amazon your competition with promotional products.

To back up the Shirt Lab events, Atkinson and Rauen are also starting a new podcast called the ‘Shirt Lab Answer Series’. To find out more about Shirt Lab or to register, go to the website.