Marshall Atkinson of Atkinson Consulting has announced he will be running a course on how to use AI in design.

Called ‘Midjourney for Designers’, the online course will take place for 2 1/2 hours each week for four weeks, starting on 25 January 2024. It is being offered by the AI Institute, an Ireland-based, globally focussed AI course provider, reports Marshall, a regular columnist for Images magazine.

Marketed as assisting “designers and creative professionals in building proficiency with the AI image generator tool Midjourney”, the course promises students “live, interactive session with real-time Q&As, homework assignments to reinforce leaning, comprehensive recorded content, and exceptional tools and examples”.

““Staying ahead of the curve is paramount for professional creatives,” commented Marshall. “Now is the time to learn AI, and I hope to share my knowledge on how to get the best out of Midjourney. Designers and creatives who use Midjourney can be more effective and creative in their work.” 

The course costs €499; more details are available at