International Coatings Company (ICC) has reformulated its General Purpose Color Series, resulting in vibrant, opaque inks. Also known as the 7600 Series, the inks are part of ICC’s FlexCure line, which cure at temperatures ranging from 135°C to 163°C. 

The range contains 26 ready-for-use (RFU) ink colours that the ink manufacturer says are vibrant, easy to print, creamy and offer great body. 

Said to contain “high-pigment loads for maximum print coverage”, the inks are ideally suited for fine detail and halftone printing using finer mesh counts, says ICC, and “offer superior performance, no build-up and reduced squeegee pressures for either high-speed wet-on-wet automatic printing or manual printing”.

Mark Brouillard, ICC’s print product manager, adds: “General Purpose Colors (7600 Series) are highly opaque, vibrantly hued inks representing our most popular colours. With its improved print, performance and curing characteristics, the General Purpose Color Series is International Coatings’ go-to high-performance RFU series.”