The Roq E offers the “first-ever” self-contained automatic screen printing machine, according to the brand’s UK distributor, I-Sub

“It runs exactly like a regular Roq You press, however the big difference is that the central lifting system is fully electric,” adds I-Sub.

In addition, no external air supply is required for the Roq E as the press is equipped with an ultra built-in air compressor, and only requires an electric connection to operate, explains the distributor.

Available in a choice of eight or 10 stations and with up to eight colours, the Roq E auto is the “perfect solution for printers who don’t have capacity or means to have an in-house compressor, but still need to run production at up to 900 pieces an hour”, I-Sub suggests.

Built with a new HMI from B&R Industrial Automation, with functions similar to those used on the Roq Fit and on the Roq Next, the Roq E is also designed with narrow, low-profile pallet arms for easy sleeve printing. This means that “garments can simply be dressed on the arms, requiring only standard sleeve pallets,” advises I-Sub.

“Simple and easy maintenance adds to the Roq E’s user-friendly element, along with a new device to simply lift the print head for easy access for cleaning, add in a flash unit or just remove the screen.”