I-Prints in Wokingham has launched a campaign using kids’ designs to print their own custom ‘home school’ uniforms during the coronavirus lockdown.

Alan Drake, owner of I-Prints, said: “We were approached by Crystal Corley enquiring if we could make her some fun school uniforms for her family during lockdown, and as we were open in a limited capacity all throughout the lockdown period, we jumped at the chance to help out.

“Crystal’s two girls set to work to design a logo and family crest for their home school.”

I-Prints used a Roland SG300 to print and cut the logos with Siser vinyl supplied by Grafityp. The designs were printed onto polo shirts from Fruit of the Loom and zip up hoodies from Gildan, all supplied from BTC Activewear.

“Once the garments were made, we delivered them personally to the customer’s house and it was wonderful seeing the girls so happy to get their uniforms,” added Alan.

“Following on from that, we received quite a few other home-schooling orders – it also highlighted that we were open for business, and so we started delivering birthday presents and local volunteer T-shirts.

“We may not have made a fortune staying open during lockdown, but it certainly kept our spirits up providing a service to the community.”


I-Prints used a Roland SG300 to print and cut the home schooling logo designs