The new 1.6m TS330-1600 dye sub printer has a top speed of 135sqm/h
The new 1.6m TS330-1600 dye sub printer has a top speed of 135sqm/h
New Mimaki textile tech launches for 2024
Three new printers confirm Mimaki’s position as a textile sector leader, says exclusive UK and Ireland distributor Hybrid Services, with the Japanese manufacturer adding to its diverse range of products to meet evolving buyer requirements.

Mimaki enters 2024 with an expanding suite of textile printing solutions, ranging from a pair of direct-to-film (DTF) printers, through dye sublimation models, direct-to-fabric systems suitable for printing to natural as well as manmade materials, right up to the latest iteration of its Tiger industrial printers, with the new Tiger600-1800TS topping the line-up.

Mimaki TxF300-75 DTF printer The new TxF300-75 DTF printer incorporates the stability and functionality of Mimaki’s first DTF printer, the TxF150-75, while delivering increased levels of productivity, with print speeds that are three times higher.

“When Mimaki entered the DTF market in 2023, it achieved its intention to deliver a reliable and efficient DTF platform that incorporated the company’s high standards for print quality and reliability,” Hybrid reports.

“The new TxF300-75 follows closely in the footsteps of the in-demand TxF150-75, and caters to a broad set of printing demands, being ideally suited to larger  companies seeking premium quality, high-volume output.”

The new TxF300-75 will ship with a comprehensive two-year warranty as standard thanks to the multiple onboard Core Technologies that ensure stability and consistency, and with the advances in print speeds, productivity is also significantly increased. The new model uses the same Eco-Passport-certified Mimaki PHT50 pigment inks as the TxF150-75, which benefit from a lower environmental impact and meet the requirements for Oeko-Tex certification.

The new Mimaki TxF300-75 DTF printer achieves print speeds that are three times higher than that of the company’s first DTF printer, which was launched in 2023
The new Mimaki TxF300-75 DTF printer achieves print speeds that are triple those of the company’s first DTF printer that was launched in 2023
The new Tiger600-1800TS is Mimaki’s most productive sublimation transfer printer yet
The new Tiger600-1800TS is Mimaki’s most productive sublimation transfer printer yet
Mimaki TS330-1600 wide format dye sublimation printer Mimaki’s latest wide format dye sublimation printer, the TS330-1600, “delivers a combination of on-demand high-volume performance and exceptional print quality, at an impressively low production cost.”

By bringing together Mimaki’s renowned reliability with the latest print technology features, businesses can easily produce a vast array of applications, from sportswear, home décor and soft signage, to fashion fabrics and promotional products, adds Hybrid.

The new 1.6m TS330-1600 achieves a substantial increase in speed over its predecessor, with up to 135sqm/hr possible. By utilising the new ‘Mimaki Weaving Dot Technology’ functionality, higher image quality, improved solid colours and smoother images can also be realised, even at the higher speeds. To ensure production stability, numerous onboard Core Technologies monitor the machine during printing, automating processes to deliver the highest quality output with minimal user intervention.

Mimaki’s proven Sb411 dye sublimation inks are available in two-litre sacks and an optional bulk ink system fed by 10kg ink tanks reduces running costs even further. The water-based inks hold the Oeko-Tex Eco Passport safety standard and include fluorescent options when required to achieve the most vivid and eye-catching designs.

Industrial Mimaki Tiger600-1800TS dye sublimation printer First shown at ITMA 2023, and now available in the UK and Ireland, the new Tiger600-1800TS is Mimaki’s most productive sublimation transfer printer. This latest high-speed, compact and robust roll-to-roll inkjet printer has been designed to accelerate the analogue to digital transformation within the textile printing industry.

The Tiger600-1800TS boasts a maximum printing speed of 550sqm/hr (143% faster than the previous model) thanks to a new high-speed print head and Mimaki’s proprietary image quality enhancement technologies. The printer’s size has also been halved compared to the previous model, with the paper mounting and winding systems both located at the rear of the machine.

“Available to demo in our showroom, the new Tiger600-1800TS offers a user-friendly, high-volume industrial dye sublimation solution that’s both environmentally conscious and ultra-productive,” promises Hybrid.

For further information on these machines as well as the entire Mimaki range, visit Hybrid’s website.