The Mimaki TS100-1600 delivers high productivity at an entry-level price point
There is big creative potential for personalised items with new Mimaki cutters and dye sub printers

Mimaki’s latest hardware launches provide promotional product printers and garment decorators with new opportunities to make the most of the demand for personalised items, bespoke gifting and short-run merchandise.

The latest cutting plotters from Mimaki, the 60cm-wide CG-60AR and the 130cm-wide CG-130AR, answer the demand from printers for increased speed and accuracy while maintaining user-friendly operation across a wide range of applications.

Mimaki CG-60AR The new CG-60AR is perfect for garment marking businesses thanks to its compact benchtop footprint (an optional stand is also available) and “class-leading” 550g cutting pressure, reports UK and Ireland distributor Hybrid Services.

“Suitable for cutting everything from garment film to self-adhesive vinyl, an optional craft kit turns the new plotter into a powerful card cutter, opening up gift and greetings products as well as the packaging prototyping sector.”

The distributor continues: “The Mimaki CG-60AR incorporates an optical eye for detecting printed registration marks and Mimaki’s proprietary ID Cut function for seamless print and cut when combined with a Mimaki printer.”

Bundled with Mimaki’s FineCut plugin for Adobe Illustrator and CorelDraw, the CG-60AR will also output through a Windows driver. This reduces the need for specialist design software, making it a simple-to-operate system for those looking to cut lettering and graphic designs to apply to shirts, bags and other soft goods, as well as many more applications.

Hybrid reports that two recently launched printers are delivering, “typically high Mimaki quality and productivity for the dye sub printing sector, and are proving equally popular with businesses either investing in their first production system, or expanding capacity”.

Mimaki’s new TS330-1600 dye sublimation printer is available now
Mimaki’s new TS330-1600 dye sublimation printer is available now
The new Mimaki CG-60AR can be used to cut light card as well as vinyl Mimaki’s new TS330-1600 dye sublimation printer is available now and garment marking film
The new Mimaki CG-60AR can be used to cut light card as well as vinyl

Mimaki TS330-1600 The newest dye sub printer from Mimaki, the TS330-1600, promises those businesses aiming for high-volume output a step-up in productivity. Blending high production with high image quality, it also comes with new functions to improve stable operation.

In addition, the TS330-1600 can achieve a print speed of 69sqm/hr in high-speed mode, while 135sqm/hr is possible in its fastest mode.

“An enhanced take-up system featuring dual motors distributes the load and increases the power, facilitating stable winding of printed paper even for long runs, and a new platen material improves the paper transport through the device,” says Hybrid.

The TS330 comes with Mimaki’s TxLink4 Lite dedicated textile RIP software, along with a standard MBIS bulk ink system, while optional add-ons further increase efficiency.

These include a larger 10kg ink tank supply unit, which reduces ink costs compared to the standard two-litre ink pack and allows for longer continuous printing, as well as a mini jumbo roll unit to load large quantities of transfer paper, which reduces running costs even further.

Mimaki TS100-1600 For users with smaller production needs, the Mimaki TS100-1600 1.6m-wide printer is capable of running at speeds of up to 70sqm/hr. It ships with Mimaki’s “powerful and intuitive” RasterLink RIP software, allowing users to generate sublimation print-ready files, complete with mirroring, repeating and resizing as required.

“Able to fit seamlessly into the workflow of garment decorators, embroiders, apparel and sportswear printers, the TS100 features a host of Mimaki’s Core Technologies, and is optimised to deliver high-quality output with minimum operator intervention, with a powered take-up system enabling long, unattended print runs,” adds Hybrid.

The new Mimaki dye sub printers and cutting plotters are all available now for demonstration at Hybrid Services, as well as through its network of authorised reseller partners. For further information, visit Hybrid’s website.