Xpres explains how to position transfers precisely every time

Is there an easy way to press transfers in the exact same position on every garment, and what is the best way to apply transfers to garments that have zips, buttons and other types of fastening?

Our new Logo It! and Tee Square It! tools feature a measuring gauge that makes precise positioning of transfers simple and consistent, and saves a significant amount of time when working on larger orders. Use the XP9096 Logo It! for smaller areas, such as breast pockets, and the XP9097 Tee Square It! for larger areas.

When applying transfers on items with zips or buttons use the new Xpres XP9095 Teflon Pillows. Placing a pillow underneath the item raises the printable area, making heat pressing straightforward and preventing damage to zips and/or buttons under the press.


(Left) Xpres’ Logo It! transfer positioning tool for use on smaller areas, such as breast pockets. (Right) The new Xpres Teflon Pillows