Baby garments are often made from soft, stretchy fabrics making them comfortable and easy to wear – but they are not always so easy to embroider, points out embroidery threads specialist, Madeira.

These types of fabrics tend to need extra stability. As with thread, don’t skimp on your backing: a good quality backing suitable for the type of fabric being embroidered is an important element when it comes to achieving embroidery of a high standard. Thread breaks and puckering problems will just hold up production, wasting time and money!

For stretchy baby garments a soft cut away ‘no show’ backing such as EZEE Weblon is a great option. This versatile backing will not only provide the extra stability required and reduce puckering, it will also withstand frequent washing.

One concern particularly for children’s garments is the potential for the reverse of the embroidery to irritate sensitive skin. The solution is to cover the stitches with a soft backing such as Comfortwear. This fabric is heat adhered to the back of the design, making it beautifully soft next to the skin. Appliqué is another option for minimising stitches on the inside of the garment.

All Madeira threads have been awarded the highest international Oeko-Tex certification, ensuring no dangerous substances have been used during their production. Madeira threads fall within Class I and Class II of the Oeko-Tex classification system, making them safe for babies and safe for direct contact with skin.