We turn up the heat on the latest drying and curing systems from leading industry suppliers

Target Transfers: 360 Fusion IQ Hat Heat Press

The new 360 Fusion IQ Hat Heat Press has a 360° print area that enables printing on the front, back and sides of a cap without removing it from the press.

It has two heated platens as standard, with a one-size-fits-all platen to enable the easy transition between cap sizes without having to change platens.

The 360 Fusion IQ has an independently controlled upper, as well as lower heated platen, which is designed to make it easier to apply patches and emblems.

It also features a touchscreen control panel with a digital time, temperature and pressure display, plus an auto-open feature; its IQ technology offers cloud-based tracking of the machine’s operation.

The new 360 Fusion IQ Hat Heat Press has a one-size-fits-all platen
TheMagicTouch: HTP123 Pro Heat Press

The new space-saving HTP123 Pro heat press from TheMagicTouch (TMT) ticks all the boxes for desktop image transfer processes, including toner-based, sublimation and direct-to-fabric, and all its MagiCut/HTV flex products, says the company.

It comes with a 42x42cm slide-out cast aluminium platen to maintain consistent temperatures from 80°C to 220°C, plus a 3cm tolerance for thicker substrates. Other features include a touchscreen LCD digital controller, adjustable pressure, and three interchangeable platens.

The HTP123 Pro heat press incorporates an easy quick-change mechanism for attaching the optional platens

It incorporates a quick-change mechanism for optional platens, such as a 15x50cm sleeve platen, 15x25cm platen for bags and holdalls, and a 10x10cm platen for breast logo application. The HTP123 Pro comes with a one-year warranty on all parts, and a 10-year warranty on its cast aluminium heat platen.

TMT’s new ‘Beanie Basher’ accessory is made from cork and has been developed to help remove the risk of scorching or press marks when applying transfers to beanie hats.

Dae Ha UK: Lotus Heat Presses

Dae Ha UK’s range of Lotus heat presses offers small to industrial-size systems, in manual, semi-automatic or pneumatic versions.

“With the use of different sized printing plates, or even a cap set on the ‘swap presses’, almost all jobs can be done with just one press,” says the company.

“By request, Lotus can also make individual presses and accessories according to your requirements.”

Dae Ha UK offers Lotus presses in manual, semi-automatic or pneumatic versions

Lotus heat presses are “versatile, ergonomically friendly, extremely durable and virtually maintenance free”, adds Dae Ha UK, and come with a two-year all parts warranty, plus a 10-year warranty on the Mika-Tech smart heating technology.

Secabo: TS7 Smart Swing-Away Heat Press

The newly developed Secabo TS7 Smart Swing-Away Heat Press offers a large working surface of 40x50cm and can handle objects up to 7cm in height.

Its base plate is arranged in portrait mode to help simplify the positioning of the transfer objects.

The large adjustment range also ensures a greater level of flexibility whether you’re pressing trousers, gym bags or hoodies.

The TS7 Smart has a digital controller to enable the precise setting of temperature and time

The TS7 Smart has a modular structure, plus a digital controller to enable the precise setting of temperature and time, thus providing a fully individualised ‘workhorse’, according to Secabo.

“In combination with various heat plates and/or a thermobase, it can master even the most demanding tasks in garment finishing,” adds the company.

The TS7 also features a Bluetooth interface, and gives users the option to control the press using the Secabo Smart Transfer App.

Adelco: Pro-Cure and Digi-Cure Dryers

Adelco says it has always concentrated on ensuring its dryers use “a unique balance of high airflow and efficient exhaust systems” as this is “the best medium for curing digital and screen inks with minimum effect to fabrics”.

All of the company’s conveyor dryers are fitted with internal exhaust hoods over the feed and exit sections of the oven “for a cleaner working environment without having to add optional extraction hoods and exhaust connections”.

Adelco’s Pro-Cure dryer range is available in five belt widths

Pro-Cure dryer range comes in five belt widths and any length of oven for all textile ink systems. Its dual lint filters enable cleaning “in seconds whilst the dryer is still running”.

The Digi-Cure is a small to medium-sized hot air textile dryer, which Adelco says aims to provide all the benefits of its larger drying systems “in a new, great value model with excellent curing ability”.

The Dual Dryer is a double belt conveyor dryer with separate heat chambers, airflow and exhaust systems for the top and bottom conveyor belts, which doubles throughput capabilities without increasing the size of the dryer.

Adelco’s automatic drying cabinets offer a space-saving and economical solution for the curing of digital and screen printed textile inks and are the only drawer dryers to feature automatic drawers, reports the company.

Vastex International: EconoRed ER-III-30 Dryer

The EconoRed ER-III-30 high-capacity dryer comes with a 76cm wide belt, plus three 3,600 watt heaters (10,800 watts in total), for the curing of 475 garments per hour printed with plastisol ink, or 150 printed with water-based or discharge ink.

The EconoRed III-30-2 dryer has a second heating chamber (21,600 watts in total), curing 950 garments per hour (plastisol ink), or 300 per hour (water-based or discharge ink).

The EconoRed ER-III-30 cures 150 garments per hour printed with water-based or discharge ink

The dryers’ high-density, medium-wavelength infrared heaters allow maximum cure speed without cold spots or under-curing, and come with a 15-year warranty, while the infrared focusing system allows the heaters to be adjusted to any height between five to 17cm above the belt, to compensate for varying garment thicknesses.

A new air mapping system draws filtered air that cools the outer skin of the dryer, while a 10.75 CMM exhaust system evacuates moisture and fumes from the heating chamber. The EconoRed III-30-2 includes a 21.5 CMM system.

All EconoRed dryers are supplied as standard with a digital PID temperature controller accurate to +/- 1°C, allowing the operator to repeat or fine-tune drying results for future use.

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